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I spy with my little eye…

…first daffodils in my tiny garden. And my toddler.

If you live in Ireland – you know how precious are days, when you manage to spot that big yellow thing in the sky. Oh wait… What it’s called? The Sun?! Yes! Would you believe – it came out one of the days and it was even very little rain that day – so I grabbed my camera, bundled up my toddler and went out to our back-garden to catch few snapshots.

egleTV Kristupas cheeky look 22mnths

Don’t you just love this cheeky look on my toddler’s face? 😀 He loves to go and explore the garden. Sometimes he starts digging in the flower-bed just like in the photo below – caught in the moment:

egleTV Kristupas 22mnths gardening

I knew taking photos of pets and kids is hard – but it’s a good fun. I might play with DSLR camera more often from now on… I mean, I do take my photos most of the time with it, but I’d love to take the photos of people too. Good thing I have one little person to practise on 😉

egleTV Kristupas 22mnths

Overall, we did indeed had a lovely afternoon in our tiny little garden. Ignore that stormy rain outside the window for the moment as spring has definitely arrived. Here, enjoy another shot of the sunny daffodils:

egleTV daffodils 2

Let me know if you’d like to see what else I grow in my flower-bed. I’m not much of a gardener, but I enjoy spying the colourful flowers when they are in bloom 🙂

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