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Nose Frida Review

Nobody likes sniffles. Having a blocked nose is quite annoying and it’s even harder on a baby. I have done some research and tried & tested a Nose Frida – the snot sucker (yes, that’s how they call it!)! This totally doesn’t sound hygienic, right? So why everyone is raving about it and why it’s better than your old fashion bulb syringe?

Newborn Must Haves

From the moment when reality kicks in and you actually realise that you are indeed pregnant, I bet that million things run through your head and you try soak every advise and every word that books or moms, or grandma’s tell you to do, to get and what not. When I was pregnant with Kris I probably made hundreds of lists with the ultimate “must haves” before I narrowed it down and decided what I definitely need to get for the very beginning of his arrival.