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American Style Pancakes

Soft and fluffy american style pancakes are not as difficult to make from scratch. Cook with blueberries or sliced banana, spread with Nutella, peanut butter or pour over with maple syrup… I don’t know about you, but I love sweet breakfast. If you want to find out how to load up the energy level to the max – read the recipe below ūüėČ

Time for a cuppa

Cup of tea is¬†great when you need a wake-up call in the morning, little break in the afternoon or just when you want to relax for a moment in the evening. I decided to share my love for tea and introduce you to Solaris Tea – not just another tea company…

Beef Stroganoff

This Russian classic had become amazingly popular around the world and there are many variations of the recipe. Beef Stroganoff is one of my favourite dishes and so I decided to share the way I cook it. Fun fact: it can be served with some mashed potatoes, noodles/pasta or over a bed of rice!