Author: egleTV

First Birthday at the g Hotel

Being a blogger is the next new fad and at the age of technology we do indeed enjoy the events where you can use your high tech devices non stop! Just over a week ago it was a first birthday of the ITWBN (Into the West Blogger Network) and let me tell you this – it was a bomb! Sure, you might think, what’s so special about this blogger group, but after reading this – you’ll want to be a part of it yourself 😉

Clothing Haul #1 (Spring Sale Edition)

So it supposed to be summer and all, but you can never guess the weather forecast if you live in Ireland. Sometimes you can have all four seasons in a day! Anyway, I am not here to talk about the lovely and fresh weather. I am here to share my latest clothing haul that was quite a success. So lets dig into my shopping bags!

Nose Frida Review

Nobody likes sniffles. Having a blocked nose is quite annoying and it’s even harder on a baby. I have done some research and tried & tested a Nose Frida – the snot sucker (yes, that’s how they call it!)! This totally doesn’t sound hygienic, right? So why everyone is raving about it and why it’s better than your old fashion bulb syringe?

Five Random Favourites

I could tell you stories about my life and who I am but there wouldn’t be enough paragraphs in one blog post. Therefore I came up with an idea to share my 5 random favourites every now and then so you could get to know me a little better.

Beef Stroganoff

This Russian classic had become amazingly popular around the world and there are many variations of the recipe. Beef Stroganoff is one of my favourite dishes and so I decided to share the way I cook it. Fun fact: it can be served with some mashed potatoes, noodles/pasta or over a bed of rice!

Newborn Must Haves

From the moment when reality kicks in and you actually realise that you are indeed pregnant, I bet that million things run through your head and you try soak every advise and every word that books or moms, or grandma’s tell you to do, to get and what not. When I was pregnant with Kris I probably made hundreds of lists with the ultimate “must haves” before I narrowed it down and decided what I definitely need to get for the very beginning of his arrival.