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Breastfeeding & Babywearing Necklace Review

It was always known that necklace can be not only a piece of jewellery, but have you ever heard about the special necklace to wear when nursing or wearing your baby? It became one of my favourites since I’ve had my baby and I will try to share with you why.

I can’t recall now how I even stumbled upon this idea to even own a necklace like this. Necklace is so versatile and timeless! I love wearing it even on the days when I don’t have my baby around me.

I’m sure the breastfeeding moms can relate to baby getting more distracted and curious about surroundings. Well, nursing necklace gives baby a focal point when breastfeeding so it helps baby during feeding to focus on colours and shapes. These nursing necklaces have been around for a while and they have been approved by La Leche League as an aid to new mothers.

freja toys breastfeeding necklace egletv

As baby grows, the beads become something they can reach for, grab and play with (hence it’s suitable for baby-wearers too). They are especially great if your child is teething as it can act as a teether. No need to worry about the necklace being unhygienic as it can easily be washed by hand and dried.

I have to mention, necklace is great not only for breastfeeders, but also for moms that bottle-feed their babies for the same reasons.

I bought my one, as you can see, from Freja Toys on Etsy and the company has amazing selection so I definitely reccomend. I think breastfeeding & babywearing necklace could be not a handy everyday toy/jewellery, but a happy childhood memento too.

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