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ITWBN Blogger Event Goodie Bag Favourites

The goodie bag from ITWBN blogger event was absolutely packed and so it took me a while to go through all the products. I really wanted to make sure I can give you my honest opinion on them and today I decided to share a few of my favourite ones.

I thought these products and these brands had to be mentioned as I really enjoyed using their products since the event in may earlier this year.

itwbn pixy egletv

My lifestyle keeps me busy and so I am more of a shower kind of person, but I do love a nice and hot bath every once in a while. It was lovely to find a bath bomb and a lime body scrub cube from Pixy in my goodie bag. I always love trying out natural skincare products!

I haven’t tried a bath bomb just yet, but the body scrub was a lot of fun to use as it felt on my skin like a sorbet! One side of the cube exfoliates and the other side moisturised my skin. Body scrub cube is made out of simple and natural ingredients: cocoa butter, apricot oil and lime essential oil (hence the smell is so zingy and refreshing!).

itwbn no7 early defence slomoyourskin egletv

I was the most surprised and excited to see this No7 Early Defence Day Cream. I can’t believe we were gifted a full size (FULL SIZE!) of this amazing face cream! I’ve been using this product for a good few weeks and let me tell you – it’s a bomb! You only need small amount for the whole of your face, it’s smell is neutral, it has an SPF 15 and Vitamin A to help reduce the appearance of those first fine lines. You ought to check this “magic potion” out in Boots Shop!

itwbn isadora face primer egletv

You can apply this moisturising IsaDora Protect Face primer either on your bare face of after moisturiser. After using the product few times, I found that it definitely filled in my pores and have me that smooth finish on my skin and with having SPF 30 on your face – you can be sure to be protected from them harmful sun rays.

itwbn black canvas cosmetics egletv

Sure I was excited to find this blending brush from the Black Canvas Cosmetics brand! It’s super soft and does not feel scratchy on delicate eyelids. I am looking forward to trying more brushes from the Black Canvas Cosmetics brand in the future!

isadora flashing volume mascara

I had to kindly borrow the IsaDora Flashing Volume Mascara photo from their website as my mascara got missing after junior (my baby) took it for “walkies” in the garden (ooops!). But before I’ve lost it – I had a pleasure using this mascara. When I tried it at first, I didn’t like how it made my eyelashes look clumpy, but I have a feeling that it was because the bottle was packed with a product. After using it few times, I have to say that I absolutely fell in love with it!

itwbn the handmade soap lip balm egletv

This is another natural skincare product – a lip balm from The Handmade Soap Company with sweet orange & calendula. I love that zingy smell for summer! I have tried using this product few times and I just have to say that I don’t like the fact that I need to really rub my finger to get the product out. I am, however, interest in trying some other products from this brand as they have an impressive range on their website!

itwbn the body shop lip & cheek velvet stick egletv

Who doesn’t love The Body Shop products? I was truly excited to find this Lip & Cheek Velvet Stick in my goodie bag! It gives you a matte shade and adapts to your skin colour turning into a lovely poppy shade. I found it long lasting and although I haven’t used it on my cheeks yet – I think it is a great product. Especially when you are packing for holidays and want to pack products for multipurpose use.

itwbn wet n wild magasticks lip gloss egletv

Another lip product in my ITWBN goodie bag was from wet n wild cosmetics. I’m not a lipgloss type of gal, but I like a little shine so having a lip gloss is always handy. It definitely isn’t true to the colour as it’s very natural sheer shine and not a vibrant orange.

itwbn versace eros egletv

It was a lovely surprise to receive these Versace Eros samples from Debenhams girlies at the ITWBN blogger event. It’s “his” and “hers” set and I like both scents and been using the Femme one. Handy sampler size is great for my handbag! 🙂

itwbn so?.. sexy egletv

And this last product that I wanted to mention today is from the brand called So…? . It’s So…? Sexy body fragrance that smells like seduction 😉 I haven’t been using much of the product as it’s a tad too strong for my liking as is definitely not for your day to day use.

If you are still reading my review – thank you for sticking till the end! 🙂 Let me know if you had tried any of the products mentioned or what you would like to try!


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