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What’s In My Handbag?

A girls handbag is classified as one of the girls private items, so taking a look at what’s inside of it is kind of special but… I am quite nosy and love reading blogposts and watching videos looking to see what people have in them. It’s something very oddly satisfying to not only get ideas of what I should carry in my handbag, but also sort of get to know that person a little by reading or watching about their personal items that are kept nearby – like in a handbag.

Today I share what’s in my all time favourite handbag. I like it because it can fit just about enough of things I need on a daily basis. My handbag is by the Spanish brand called Matties. It’s chocolate colour quilted over the shoulder type of handbag. Very handy as I like to have my hands free when I’m out and about.

matties handbag whats in my bag egletv

You can see in the picture above that I carry tissues, wet wipes, wash-lets, lip balms (loving EOS at the moment and Palmers brand ones), hand care items (l’occitane hand cream & cuticle cream by Burt’s Bees) and my hair brush/mirror form Opias (got it in Penneys/Primark). Also I like to carry some hygiene items, even if I don’t have my time of the month, just in case.

I always have to have a pen on hand so therefore I keep a Sharpie and my ballpoint pen from Of course I couldn’t go anywhere without my leather wallet (by the Graffiti brand), business cards (got them done at and just a few loyalty cards (read Neatly Organised Loyalty Cards).  Also, I normally carry my keys and my phone in my handbag too.

So there, just a few tiny random things in my tiny handbag. You can also watch my YouTube video and see me ramble about my handbag there 😉 Follow the link HERE.

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