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Healthy Snack with Meridian Butter

With summer fast approaching I had decided to try to find healthy snacks for my afternoon cravings. And so I found an idea which included my favourite Meridian brand that makes speciality nut butters. This snack takes minutes to make, is very healthy and refreshing!

Things you’ll need: 

  • Meridian almond butter (you could try different nut butter too);
  • Apple (sliced & de-seeded);
  • Granola (any type you like – I used Jordans Country Crisp);

healthy snack prep egletv

All you need to do is to spread the chosen nut butter onto each apple slice, sprinkle granola onto one of them slices & sandwich it with another buttered slice. Voila!

healthy snack sandwich egletv

I was inspired by Essie Button to make this snack and love it since. Best of all – you can make as many “sandwiches” as you like and don’t feel guilty about eating! 🙂

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