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First Birthday at the g Hotel

Being a blogger is the next new fad and at the age of technology we do indeed enjoy the events where you can use your high tech devices non stop! Just over a week ago it was a first birthday of the ITWBN (Into the West Blogger Network) and let me tell you this – it was a bomb! Sure, you might think, what’s so special about this blogger group, but after reading this – you’ll want to be a part of it yourself 😉

Even if you think you know a lot about social media and online marketing, you’ll find the ITWBN events great for socialising and making friends. From variety of speakers at the event & pop-up shops to taking “selfies” with the hottest guy in town (your ears must be going red from all the girls mentioning your name, Galway Player 😀 ) – the whole event will keep you busy and you’ll be wondering where does the time go.

itwbn the g hotel birthday egletv

Happy 1st Birthday ITWBN

This time the blogger meet-up was a very special one as it was a one year anniversary. I was looking forward to all the speakers as there was a lack of information beforehand about them. One of many was Sinead Burke known as Minnie Melange and I just loved her speech as she’s just an amazingly bubbly girl that is a hugely inspirational. There was also a segment of entertainment at the event provided by nobody else but Galway Player himself (but of course!), Wayne Denner (youth motivational speaker) reminded us about online reputation and Karen Brown told us her success story with Karora Cosmetics.

Minnie Melange

Minnie Melange

Sinead & Saibh - the girlies behind the ITWBN

Sinead & Saibh – the girlies behind the ITWBN

I was glad to meet few bloggers that I’ve met previously and it was lovely to make some new friends. I could not believe the number of people that were attending the event and I’m still working on trying to catch up with everyone’s blogs.

The ITWBN meet-up is very much laptop, camera and phone friendly (you can follow the thread online under the itwbnBloggerEvent hashtag) and so I did indeed put my selfie stick into a good use and tried to take as many snaps as you can see below.

itwbn egletv & itsallaboutbeingu

itwbn buddies & egletv

itwbn cotton face & egletv

itwbn egletv & mommies

itwbn style gamblers & egletv

itwbn galway player & egletv

itwbn photobooth egletv

Special place for the ITWBN event was chosen not by the chance. The very first meet-up was held at the g Hotel. It made sense that ITWBN team would come back to the same place. I’ve been at the g Hotel before and interior as much as food is amazing. The place was lovely decorated and our tables had a lovely presentation with afternoon tea snacks and finger food, the only thing that was missing was the actual tea or coffee. I’ve managed to get some and pay for it, but after attending the ITWBN event at the Glenlo Abbey Hotel in November, I did indeed had the same if not greater expectations for the g Hotel.

the g hotel snacks to go egletv

the g hotel afternoon tea egletv

the g hotel teaser egletv

Of course there’s no event without a goodie bag and this time it was no exception. The lovely idea to mark our seats at our tables with the individual name cards attached onto the gift bags. I will go more in depth about the goodie bag contents as I do my product empties videos and blog posts so stay tuned for that and make sure you follow me on my social media!

itwbn goodie bag first birthday egletv

itwbn egletv goodie bag contents

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on the ITWBN event. I can’t wait for the next one! Let me know if you have a blog or if you’d like to have one in the comments below.


    • It was great to meet other bloggers in person! Do you have anything like this in your country?


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