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Clothing Haul #1 (Spring Sale Edition)

So it supposed to be summer and all, but you can never guess the weather forecast if you live in Ireland. Sometimes you can have all four seasons in a day! Anyway, I am not here to talk about the lovely and fresh weather. I am here to share my latest clothing haul that was quite a success. So lets dig into my shopping bags!

I don’t normally go out and buy loads of clothes in one day, but I am thankful for I was able to just leave the house and go wild in the shops without being worried of my baby Kris becoming impatient whilst shopping.

oasis clothing haul egletvFirstly I went into the Oasis shop and to my luck I actually found a lovely parka (apologies for not taking a photo of it but you can see the look of it in my haul video HERE). Then I was kind of looking for inspiration and picked up two sweaters. They are both spring like and not heavy at all but still give you that nice light warmth.

new look clothing haul egletvLater I went into the New Look and picked a lovely knitted dark green skirt (trying to get myself to wear more skirts and not pants). I love it as it’s a bell shape and I see myself wearing it even in colder weather with some warmer tights & boots. As you can see I’ve also got a shirt and looking forward to try and layer it over or under my tops.

penneys primark clothing haul egletvI couldn’t possibly pass the Penneys (Primark) shop without getting myself anything. I love shopping there for basics and I am really pleased with jeggings as they are such a perfect and snug fit! I keep going back to Penneys for t-shirts and long sleeve tops as they’re great quality and wear well.

tk maxx clothing haul egletvI was on a hunt for some black skinny jeans and I was glad to find these ones in TK Maxx. I am always kind of worried of buying jeans (or any pants actually) as I am quite a tall girl. I’m not a fan really of the ankle length pants so I try and find the tiny bit longer ones all the time.

elegant undies galway haul egletvFor my birthday I was given a voucher to use in the Elegant Undies shop in Galway so I went over there and found this really cute and girly two-piece nightie set. LOVE IT!

So these were all the items I’ve picked up on my shopping trip. Let me know how you like them or if you love shopping on sales. Sometimes I prefer to buy full price item but I am definitely pleased with the ones I’ve just got on sale šŸ™‚ If you want to know how much I’ve paid for these clothes you can watch my video HERE.

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