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Product Empties #2

Product empties are the series in which I share my product reviews. I think it’s the best way to find out my opinion as the product was not just tried and left but it was actually used up. This time I feature brands such as Nuxe, Radox, Garnier and many more.

As you can notice it’s a second part of my Product Empties series. I don’t have a blogpost for the first part, but you can see the video on my YouTube channel HERE. It is a while since I last made such a review but it’s because I like using a few products at the same time which makes it harder to finish them off faster.

original source shower egletv

radox shower gel egletv

dove body wash egletv

This time I am starting with my review on few body washes / shower gels. I’ve been using Original Source, Radox and Nivea products and I have to say I was pleased with all of them and I keep repurchasing them depending what scent I’m in a mood for. All body washes are moisturising and don’t leave your skin dry, although I do like using my body butter after I shower anyway.

aussie shampoo egletv

I have also emptied one of my favourites from Aussie – miracle moist shampoo. My hair always look so hydrated after using it even without any conditioner. Highly recommend Aussie hair shampoos!

listerine mouth wash egletv

In my last Product Empties episode I was talking about my favourite toothpaste so keeping the same theme of dental care I want to mention Listerine mouth wash and I like most of the flavours (if I can say that as you don’t actually drink the thing hehe) except for the Sensitive care one. I like using this mouth wash especially when I floss with my TePe interdental brushes.

garnier make-up remover egletv

To clean my makeup I always go back to using Garnier Soothing 2 in 1 make-up remover. I use it to clean my eye makeup actually. I don’t like using it for my face as it makes me feel oily. However it does remove mascara (even the waterproof one) in just few touches. I keep repurchasing it and it’s probably my 6th bottle that I’ve been through.

clean & clear fashial wash egletv

To clean my face I’ve been using Clean & Clear face wash and I loved it a lot! Tangy orange smell not to everyones liking but I found it very much refreshing. Little beads inside the cleanser helped to really clean any makeup left on my skin and left it squeaky clean.

ren and nuxe cream egletv

Talking about skincare – I’ve been loving Nuxe and Ren skincare products. Loved the Nuxe face cream as it has a neutral smell and gives my skin nice matt finish. I had repurchased this face cream already. Ren face cream was lovely too. I haven’t purchased it again as for the price & smell which was not to my liking.

I forgot to take the photo but I have to mention Hask Argan Oil that I bought in Penneys / Primark. The bottle was very small but lasted me for probably half a year as you only need a little bit of oil to use on your hair ends. I definitely want to repurchase it again.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed reading my reviews on these few products! You can also watch my video HERE. Let me know if you had tried any and how you think of them.

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