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Nose Frida Review

Nobody likes sniffles. Having a blocked nose is quite annoying and it’s even harder on a baby. I have done some research and tried & tested a Nose Frida – the snot sucker (yes, that’s how they call it!)! This totally doesn’t sound hygienic, right? So why everyone is raving about it and why it’s better than your old fashion bulb syringe?

At first I thought that it’s something disgusting – to suck those little “monsters” out of tiny baby’s clogged nose. Nose Frida might be a little strange to start but it’s probably the only thing that’s actually working!

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Hence you’re using your own suction power to get them little buggers out of the baby’s nose this nasal aspirator works like a gem. I’d advise to put few drops of saline drops (or some breast milk – yes, breast milk! It works wonders!) into the nostrils to loosen up the mucus.

Nose Frida is completely hygienic as well as it comes with mini filters that can be changed when needed. Washing the parts is also very simple as you can dismantle this “bad boy” to easily cleanse it with warm water.

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Now here where the most yuckiest fact comes in about the bulb syringes – mould! It is very hard to clean a bulb syringe and there are many photos online you can find of actual mould growing inside. Yuk!! I don’t know about you, but this fact is actually plenty for me not to use a bulb syringe.

On a brighter note, I can’t recommend the Nose Frida enough. It’s definitely a life saver. You can read more about it on the Frida Baby website. I bought my one on eBay but I’m sure you can find it nearly in any chemist at this stage. Also if you know a newbie mom or a mom-to-be I think it’s a great gift idea for the newborn!

Let me know if you have Nose Frida or something similar and if you like using it or if you prefer something different.

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