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Neatly Organised Loyalty Cards

So I don’t know about you but I always love a bargain and therefore I get a loyalty card with each shop that I love to go shopping to. And because I’m a little OCD about things and I like my purse to be organised I came up with a simple DIY of how to keep it all tidy.

In my purse I like to keep it simple and neat so I keep my credit cards, drivers license and simple things in the card compartments and then coins & notes in their compartments. Also I like keeping a few worthy vouchers that don’t take up much space. Now imagine a bunch of credit cards flying around – messy!! Here’s my secret to what’s keeping my purse clutter free.

To organise your loyalty cards you don’t need some expensive card holders or organisers. All you need is a collection of our loyalty cards, a keychain (yup, the thing that normally keeps your keys together!) and a good ol’ hole puncher.

As you can see from the photos – all I did was to punch a hole in each loyalty card and put each of them onto the keychain. You only need to be careful about where you’re punching a hole as you want to stay away from the BAR code or the actual loyalty card number.

loyalty card organisation 1 egletv eglegaliauskaite egle galiauskaite.JPG

Please feel free to share with me your ways of storing your loyalty cards and let me know if you like my little DIY 🙂

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