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Newborn Must Haves

From the moment when reality kicks in and you actually realise that you are indeed pregnant, I bet that million things run through your head and you try soak every advise and every word that books or moms, or grandma’s tell you to do, to get and what not. When I was pregnant with Kris I probably made hundreds of lists with the ultimate “must haves” before I narrowed it down and decided what I definitely need to get for the very beginning of his arrival.

To make my life (and hopefully yours) easier I had made a list of things and then separated them by the purpose like baby’s bedroom, traveling & outdoors, bath time, everyday use, clothing and things to get for the near future after the baby arrives. 

Baby’s Bedroom:

  • clothes storage (that could be a chest of drawers or anything else you like);
  • Moses basket & bedding (if you’re like me and would love to have baby near – I’d suggest to just invest & buy a co-sleeper cot);
  • couple of cellular blankets;
  • baby changing area (good idea is to just have a changing basket with necessities so you can carry it along around your house);

Travel & Outdoors:

  • a buggy (3 in 1 is a good option so it lasts a while. Also I would strongly suggest investing in such a things like rain cover, cover from flies & sun cover, if your buggy doesn’t come with them already);
  • a baby carrier (If you’re like me you will definitely want to have hands free while your baby is close to you. Also try and see if there are sling libraries around your area as you can actually rent different slings each month and try & see which you like best before you decide to buy one);
  • changing bag (You don’t have to get a special changing bag. I actually use a back pack);

Bath & Hygiene:

  • baby bath;
  • couple of bath towels;
  • nail clippers/scissors;
  • hair brush (yes, even if baby doesn’t have much hair it’s great to get rid of the cradle cap or to help the hair grow as brushing acts as a massage);
  • water/room thermometer;
  • ear thermometer (found it easier to use in ear thermometer than any other one);
  • Nose Frida (to get them little monsters out the blocked nose);

Everyday Use:

  • nappies;
  • wet wipes (I loved Water Wipes for starters);
  • cotton wool;
  • nappy changing bags;
  • barrier cream (I use either Vaseline or Burt’s Bees Diaper Ointment depending what I have on hand);
  • body wash & shampoo (we love Lansinoh Shampoo & Body Wash and Burt’s Bees Shampoo & Wash);
  • baby oil (I used lots of coconut oil);
  • non-bio washing powder and fabric softener;


  • vests & pj’s;
  • bibs;
  • socks;
  • baby hats (although Kris used to hate them);
  • gloves (not necessary really but depends on a season I suppose);
  • other clothes for going out or just dressing up if you wish;

Things for a Near Future:

  • baby cot & bedding;


  • baby swing (a lifesaver when u want to have an odd cup of coffee with hands free);
  • teething toys (Kris loves Sophie the Giraffe & his Baby Banana toothbrush & teether that I’ve got him from eBay);
  • baby books (try to avoid cardboard books as Kris just ended up chewing and using them as a teether. I’d suggest getting touchy-feely kind of books where you can squeak a page etc.).

You can adjust the list to suit yourself but I hope it gives you some guidance. Please comment below if I missed something in my list or what you’d like to add into it. Have fun nesting! 😉

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